Actress Lee Yoo Ri Begins to Cry at Husband's Love Letter

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Oct. 21, 2014, 10:06 a.m.

For the October 20th installment of SBS' "Healing Camp", Lee Yoo Ri, who is known for playing the role of a villain on "Jang Bo Ri is Here!" featured as a guest.

In the episode, she received some surprise flowers as well as a letter from her husband. The emotional letter, which she reads at the 0:38 second mark in the video clip says, "To the wife that I love, Lee Yoo Ri! I am so thankful to you that I even feel sorry to you for going so far as preparing me breakfast without complaining, even though you must be tired after finishing your drama shoot at dawn." Upon reading this, Lee Yoo Ri burst out into tears.

Lee Yoo Ri's husband stated that both he and his wife share a loving relationship as he writes, "Just like the first time, just like now, let's continue to draw a beautiful love together." He ends the letter by saying, "The most radiant present that God has given to me is you, Lee Yoo Ri. I love you. Forever!"

After having applauded her husband's words, Lee Yoo Ri stated, "He really writes me letters regularly. I receive his letters in the mailbox," which impressed the MC's. You heard it here at!

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