Actress Lim Soo Hyang is Sad Upon Hearing Yoon Kye Sang Dating Honey Lee

Ben Cho, Feb. 10, 2016, 11:38 a.m.

Actress Lim Soo Hyang has just announced that she is a huge fan for g.o.d’s “Yoon Kye Sang”, and while filming for the upcoming “Happy Together”, Lim Soo Hyang made a guest appearance for the “You’re Kind of a King” special. The actress stated that she has been a huge g.o.d fan since the beginning by saying, I was especially a huge fan of Yoon Kye Sang. I even ate with spoons of Yoon Kye Sang that were sold to fans."


Lim Soo Hyang then announced that she was disappointed, when she had heard the news that Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee were dating. She stated, "I was upset. I was going to go to him after becoming famous."


Lim Soo-hyang (born April 19, 1990) is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame playing leading roles in the television series New Tales of Gisaeng (2011) and Inspiring Generation (2014).[1][2] Im was cast in a Chinese film in 2014, and plays the titular character in the prison romance Eun-ha in 2015.

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