Actress Shin Se Kyung Poses for ELLE Magazine

D-bo, Aug. 26, 2014, 10:18 a.m.

Actress Shin Se Kyung is being featured inside the covers of the fashion magazine ELLE.  Shin Se Kyung, born January 29, 1990, is a South Korean actress. After first appearing on a Seo Taiji album cover when she was eight years old, Shin's acting breakthrough came in 2009 with the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. Since then she has landed leading roles in film and television, including Hindsight and Deep Rooted Tree.

In the interview portion, she talked about her upcoming movie, 'Tazza 2'.  She revealed it was her first time playing the traditional Korean card game, 'hwatu', saying, "It was so fun to the point I did not know why I never played before. I think I play it well."


She even talked about what she's been doing these days, such as viewing artwork and traveling by taking the subway. She revealed her method for remaining unrecognized by people around her: "If someone appears on the right, I pretend to scratch my head with my right hand."

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