Agencies Respond to Dating Rumors Between Super Junior’s Ki Bum and Ryu Hyo Young

Hyo Jin Lee, July 11, 2016, 7:42 a.m.

The recent report by Ilgan Sports reporting that Super Junior Ki Bum and  former Five Dolls member Ryu Hyo Young has been driving the hallyu world wild.  The agency behind the stars have released a statement denying the dating allegations.  “The dating rumors are not true. Kim Ki Bum and Ryu Hyo Young know each other from the web drama ‘On Air Scandal,’ but do not have any special relationship.”

Kim Ki Bum is a South Korean actor and singer. He was a member, of the South Korean boy band Super Junior. After the release of Super Junior's third studio album Sorry, Sorry in 2009, Kim announced his leave from the group to pursue his acting career. In 2015, Kim announced he ended his contract with S.M. Entertainment and departure from the group. Kim made his television debut in the Korean television drama, April Kiss, in 2004.

Ryu Hyoyoung,better known by the mononym Hyoyoung, is a South Korean actress, rapper and model. She was member of South Korean co-ed group Coed School and girl group F-ve Dolls.

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