Agency Pulls Lee Byung Hun Ads Amid Blackmail Scandal

kpride, Sept. 19, 2014, 9:35 a.m.

Lee Byung Eun is receiving backlash from the online community as netizens are circulating a petition to remove Lee Byung Hun from commercial advertisements.  On September 5, a petition titled, "Please take Lee Byung Hun out from the advertisements" was posted on portal site Daum Agora. The description attached read: "It's fine for me to choose which movies and dramas [with Lee Byung Hun] not to see, yet without wanting to, I keep seeing [him on TV]. I request for a suspension of Lee Byung Hun's advertisements."

The petitioner's original goal was to gain at least 2,000 signatures, but the petition has since garnered around 4,000 signatures and will continue to be open until September 29.

It seems that the petitioner's request, as well as the request of his supporters, have been heard, as several companies have suspended their advertising activities with Lee Byung Hun. On September 18, Lee Byung Hyun's CF PR representative talked to Korean news outlet Tenasia about one particular unnamed company, saying, "We don't know what direction the advertisers would like to take with the remaining time on his contract. For now, what we can say for sure is that XX is suspending advertisement [activities with Lee Byung Hun]."


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