Ahn-Koo couple most sought-after candidates for ‘Newlyweds Diary’

Michelle Jung, March 20, 2017, 9:50 a.m.

Producer Lee Woo-hyung of “Newlyweds Diary” said he would like to have Ahn Jae-hyun and Koo Hye-sun back on the reality show’s second season, if possible. 

In an interview with a local daily published Sunday, Lee was quoted as saying, “We haven’t exactly discussed the second season, but the two of them like this lifestyle and Koo Hye-sun is comfortable with it.”

“Of course they are on the top of the list for the second season’s stars. If we decide to continue working together, then the second season will be a continuation of the first with a slight variation.”

The first season of “Newlyweds Diary” showed married celebrities Ahn and Koo living in an isolated house in a snow-covered rural mountain, away from the others during winter. 

Lee said he put in a lot of effort into the program, which was a cross between a documentary and an entertainment show. It was his first work as a main producer.

“A lot of thought went in to deciding how much of the couple’s life we should show to the public,” Lee said. 

Ahn and Koo kissed for real and fought for real on the program, according to Lee.

“The two of them were surprised at times to see what they themselves were unaware of during shooting,” Lee said.

“‘Did I really say that?’ was an often-repeated phrase on set.” 

“Sometimes they regretted saying the things they said during their fights. But fundamentally Ahn and Koo are a very communicative and respectful couple.”

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