Ahn So Hee’s take on provocative language in TV series

Su Jin Jang, Oct. 4, 2016, 9:35 a.m.

Singer-turned-actress Ahn So-hee said that the upcoming tvN series “Entourage Korea,” a remake of the eponymous R-rated American TV series, will use less provocative language. “What makes the series really attractive would be vulgar language by the characters,” said the former Wonder Girls member in an interview with fashion magazine High Cut, part of which was released Tuesday. 

Ahn said, “The language in the original series was so sexually explicit that we had to make adjustments, but (the changes in some lines) does not seem to stand in the way of the playful atmosphere.” While filming on location, Ahn said she was worried in the beginning about the being the only women among the cast members. 

“I met Lee Kwang-soo in an episode of ‘Running Man,’ while other actors Seo Kang-jun, Park Jung-min and Lee Dong-hwi were not even my acquaintances,” she said. “I was worried at first, but they built a comfortable atmosphere, so I thank them a lot.”

When asked about her acting experience in “Train to Busan,” where she played a high school student who turns into a zombie, Ahn expressed her regret for not being “adequately trained to move like a zombie.”

More photos featuring the actress and details about the interview will be available in the October issue of High Cut, set for release Thursday. 

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