“aka DAN” – A Korean American Adoptee Story

kpopluv, March 6, 2014, 5:12 p.m.

"aka DAN” is a documentary series featuring Korean American adoptee and musician Dan Matthew in his quest to reunite with his biological birth family. Born in Korea as Park In Soo, Dan was adopted by the Lynne and Jim Matthews and raised in a small suburb 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles.  He has a younger sister, also adopted from Korea.

In March of 2013, Dan, who goes by his rapper name DANakaDAN, began his quest to reunite with his biological birth parents. He had been raised by a loving family, but as an adoptee had questions that needed to be answered.  The tipping point was when Dan was invited to perform at the international Korean adoptee conference in August of 2013, and with the blessing of his adoptive mother, the then 29 year old Dan Matthews filled out the paper work to begin locating his birth family. Unfortunately, Jim Matthews, Dan’s adopted father had passed away two years prior.

Less than one month later, Dan had received an email from the adoption agency notifying him that they had located his birth mother.  The agency’s social worker told Matthews. “Your mother called us back and confirmed that she in fact is your birth mother. She was very much emotional, yet happy that you searched for her.” He learned that his biological parents, who he thought were separated, were in fact still together and eager to see him.  For Dan, this was a lot to process, as it had only been less than a month since his search began.  For many adoptees, the search can be take many months or even some cases years. 

Into further investigation, Dan learned that he had a biological brother and sister, however his brother was in fact his twin!  Tune in to this four part series as we see Dan Matthews’s life unfold before our eyes!

“aka DAN” will be available on ISAtv’s YouTube channel, Hulu, Dramafever.com, and Arirang TV (Korean TV network, also on DirecTV in the USA), and of course, Koogle TV.  Make sure to check out DANakaDAN's music video - Is There Anybody Out There.  To purchase his album, go here:  http://bit.ly/akadanmusic

For all your episodes visit -http://www.koogle.tv/featured/tv-shows/aka%20DAN/ 

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