Akdong Musician's Suhyun and Block B's P.O. Have Awkward Encounter

Jay Yim, July 20, 2018, 2:32 p.m.

Akdong Musician's Suhyun and Block B's P.O. had an awkward time on the show 'Those Who Cross the Line'.

The episode on July 20 showed P.O. meeting Suhyun, who came to the airport after P.O. The two exchanged awkward greetings and the awkwardness carried on.

Prior to their meeting, Suhyun was asked during an interview if she was close with P.O. and responded with, "We're not close..." P.O. added that they do know each other but exchange awkward greetings whenever they meet.

At the airport, Suhyun tried to break the ice by asking, "Did you dye your hair?" P.O. replied with, "No..."

Watch their awkward exchange in the clip above.

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