'Alcohol' MV by John Park released from music director Kang Seung Won's project album

ErotiX, April 4, 2014, 11:05 a.m.

'Alcohol' by John Park recently released as well as it's MV. This track is just a small part of project album for famous music director 'Kang Seung Won'. Kang Seung Won is knwon to be the head of KBS music director who's has over 40 years in Korean music industry.

This very special project album by Kang Seung Won has total of 4 tracks with John Park, Younha, Kim Kwang Min, Lee Juk and Sun Woo jung. Kang Seung Won purposely chose John Park because he really admires John Park's music style as well as his ability to comsume to much alcohol which goes along with the song title. You can watch 'Alcohol' by John Park below.

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