Alleged Fangirl Charged for Trespassing on Seo Taiji's Home

Maximiliano VCHK, June 24, 2014, 10:15 a.m.

It has been announced that an alleged fan of Seo Taiji has been charged with trespassing on the grounds of the singer's residence.

A representative from the Seo Taiji Company made an official statement via TV Report on June 24th saying, "It has been confirmed that a woman invaded [Seo Taiji's] garage... It appears that she loitered around the house's premises for over a year, and it's not confirmed whether she is indeed a fan yet. We are aware that more police investigation needs to be done."

According to the Seoul Jongno Police Station, trespasser Ms. Lee (age 31) was taken in without detention for loitering around and inside Seo Taiji's garage and even sitting in his car at his place of residence at Pyeongchangdong, Jongnogu, Seoul on June 23rd at 7:10p KST. Seo Taiji's wife Lee Eun Sung (age 26), who is seven months pregnant, called the police and informed them of what was going on. Upon arrival, the police found Ms. Lee sitting in the passenger seat of Seo Taiji's vehicle, and then arrested her.  The police have taken Ms. Lee into the station for further questioning.  The investigation has revealed that Ms. Lee apparently was ringing the doorbell on the gate of Seo Taiji's residence until she noticed the garage was open and decided to sit in his car.

The investigation is still ongoing, so be sure to come back to for more updates!

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