Amber Breaks Down the Roles of All f(x) Members in ‘Allure’ Photoshoot

David Song, July 28, 2016, 9:22 a.m.

In her newest photoshoot and interview with ‘Allure’ magazine, f(x)’s Amber shared with the interviewer some very interesting facts about the group! Amber pointed out each of the roles the members had. She said, "Luna's nickname is puppy. Victoria unnie is queen. Her actions and words all have a certain aura? Krystal is princess. If she says, 'Amber, buy me this', then I do, and if she says, 'Amber, I'm hungry', then we go out to eat together." 


Amber then continued to discuss how the members came closer after their solo concert by saying, "We keep in touch more often. A few days ago, Krystal suddenly told me she was sorry, that when we were younger, she didn't realize how thankful she was to have the members. That got me thinking, 'Wow, we've all really grown up.'" 

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