Amber Clears Up Misunderstandings After Woori’s Words On Broadcast

Inquisitive Bro-Migo, Aug. 14, 2015, 11:17 a.m.

For those that remember, the other day the pretty rapper from Rainbow, Woori, appeared on tvN’s “Wednesday Food Talk” and discussed her friendship with Amber and Han Groo. The idol stated that she likes to eat with Han Groo since they have similar tastes in food, but said that she doesn’t like to eat with Amber since they had such varying tastes.


Woori stated, "Amber is a foreign friend, so, firstly, she does not like rice.  When we do eat rice once in a while, she really eats it like dog food.  She puts everything in and eats it all at once. This is why I try not to really eat at the same table with her."


Obviously the words were meant to be playful and was delivered in a joking manner, but some fans were upset to hear the way that she structured her statement. Especially the statement that Amber mixed up everything like “dog food”, seemed to have hit too close to home for more than a few netizens who asked if Woori was criticizing Amber’s eating style since she is a foreigner.

Sometimes things get lost in translation, so i just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings before they go bad for no reason. First, Woori is someone very close to me and has basically been my mom in Korea. Being that sort of figure to me, she’s taught me a lot about living on my own and has helped me along to the way. In a recent show, she said some things about me and this is my take on it. Number one, they’re pretty much true, haha, and honestly it was really funny; and two, since its her, she’s pretty much allowed to say it. If it wasn’t someone this close to me, I wouldn’t have made the effort to even say anything. But since Woori and I are like family, I didn’t want anyone to misunderstand. It hurts me that someone like Woori is getting backlash over something about me that was meant to be funny. Woori is the best!! :D 살다보면 가끔 이유없이 오해가 생길때가 있는데 더 나빠지기 전에 말씀 드리고 싶습니다. 일단 고우리언니는 저에게 아주 소중한 사람이고 한국에 살면서 저한테 엄마같은 존재입니다. 혼자 살면서 언니가 많이 가르쳐주고 누구보다 많이 챙겨줬습니다. 어떤 프로에서 저에 대한 얘기를 했는데 제 의견을 말하고 싶습니다. 첫번째는 언니의 말은 완전 100% 사실이고 너무 재미있었습니다 ㅎㅎ 두번쨰는 그말은 고우리언니만 할 수 있는 말이라고 생각합니다 ㅋㅋ 저와 완전 친한 사람 아니였으면 제가 이렇게 신경을 안 썼겠지만 언니는 제 가족이나 다름없어 팬분들이 오해 안 했으면 좋겠습니다. 저 때문에 저희 언니가 오해로인한 질타를 받는것이 전 너무 속상합니다 고우리언니는 최고입니다!! :]

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After seeing the reaction from many of her international fans, Amber stepped forward to clear up any misunderstandings by posting a photo on Instagram showing that the two are very close friends, and that what Woori said was for the sake of humor and nothing else.


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