American cosmetic brand Colourpop are fans of EXO?

Jun Ko, March 19, 2018, 9:18 a.m.

Many EXO fans are pegging the American cosmetic brand Colourpop as EXO fans after a fan noticed that they released a new super shock shadow named EXO. With the notice of the product's name, other fans discovered that several other products were named the same as various EXO songs. The brand had a pressed powder shadow named 'Cloud Nine', a super shock highlighter named 'Monster', an ultra-matte liquid lipstick named 'Mama', and a lux lipstick named 'What If'. While there could be no correlation between the two, it might be proven otherwise with Colourpop's recent product 'EXO'. 

Do you think the brand Colourpop are EXO fans? 

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