American rapper 6IX9INE receives criticism for plagiarizing WINNER's 'Island'

Jun Ko, May 21, 2018, 11:12 a.m.

American rapper 6IX9INE has recently been receiving criticisms and accusations for plagiarizing WINNER's 'Island'. 6IX9INE's 'Nobody' was uploaded onto Youtube on May 18th; after fans had listened to the tracks, some realized that it held a close resemblance to WINNER's 'Island' in terms of its beat. With the close resemblance between the two, many fans have asked for the rapper to take down the song. 

WINNER's 'Island' was released back on August 2017 while 6IX9INE's 'Nobody' was released on May 2018. 

Check out both of the tracks below. What do you think of the issue? 

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