American rapper CupcakKe's sexual tweets about Jungkook upset ARMYs

Jessica Lee, Nov. 3, 2017, 3:09 p.m.

American rapper CupcakKe said she was a fan of BTS' Jungkook, however, her sexual tweets about the idol have upset some ARMYs. She continued to make sexual tweets and said that the idol's fan base has now flooded her Instagram with death threats. 

First, she tweeted, "Jungkook stan mad I said imma f*ck Jungkook.. lmao I said what I said and I meant that shit."

She fired off another tweet, "You mad I want to f*ck him? If he tweeted I want to f*ck cupcakKe, why would I get mad? I will let him stick his dick in my mouth GOODNIGHT."

Fans expressed how disturbed they were by her tweets and suggested she stop because it was sexual harassment but she tweeted, "Said I want to f*ck Jungkook. And I meant that sh*t, I'm waiting on his number now."

Some ARMY responses have been "It's too much,"; "GROSS!!!"; "Jungkook doesn't like sexual comments, please stop."

She mentioned that ARMYs have also been sending her inappropriate comments when she tweeted, "Jungkook fanbase are on my Instagram telling me to kill myself making some of the sickest comments ever, what a very disturbing fanbase." 

Some people have criticized these fans as some fans (hard stans) make sexual comments about the idol as well, making them hypocrites. 

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