AMP Takes You on a Lyrical Journey in the Streets of Korea with 'The Master'

Katherine Chu, Feb. 29, 2016, 1:41 p.m.

The boys of AMP and Good Fruit Co. are back with another meaningful track titled 'The Master', hitting airwaves with not just their powerful voices, but a gorgeous music video to match! Korean-American hip-hop artists J. Han, Sam Ock, and CL bring their verses to the streets of Korea as they take viewers and listeners on a lyrical journey.

The aesthetically pleasing video features the three rappers spitting words to 'The Master' with conviction, as they showcase, not the typical nightlife of Seoul as many artists who film in Korea do, but the grittier, homelier locations tucked between alleyways and cozy neighborhoods in their mother country. The raw passion is evident in the way the AMP boys present the faith-based gem to listeners, not resorting to the cliche rap music video formula, but rather focusing on the bigger message they try to convey while still catering to the inevitably important aesthetic characteristics of a music video.

AMP slays once again with their single 'The Master' off of 'Glory Songs (Deluxe Edition)', and speaks with the voices of a thousand men despite only being a trio. The boys don't fail to impress with their brand new track, staying true to their regimen of making music with a message. You can catch the powerful video above and even purchase/stream their tracks online! Check out the links for purchase below, and keep up with the guys via their social media platforms!

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