Amy Speaks About Her Scandal

D-Bo, Jan. 29, 2014, 5:04 p.m.

Amy has been making waves in the Hallyu community amid her relationship and scandal with indicted Seoul Prosecutor and their attempts to blackmail and extort a Gangnam Plastic Surgery clinic.  She recently spoke with MBC’s Good Day and addressed issues associated with her scandal. 

Amy commented on her former boyfriend and Seoul Prosecutor for allegedly extorting and blackmailing her plastic surgeon, side effects from her cosmetic procedures, and a report of possible suicide attempts. 

On her interview, Amy shared “Due to the side effects of my plastic surgery procedures, my skin began to necrotize.  I received five rounds of surgery during a span of two months.”

She also explained that the accused prosecutor was only trying to help as her boyfriend at the time, "They didn't mention that fact and only talked about the money and valuables so I got mad... Those around me told me not to take legal action. But if I don't speak up, who will speak up on my behalf? The lawyer is in custody. I feel like I should speak up and say what's true and what's false."

"Because he is a naive, sweet, and warm-hearted person, rather than a problem solver, he is a very kind 'foolish lawyer'... The lawyer saved each one of the few positive comments among the many hate comments and said, 'There are people who are cheering you on like this so take heart'. I thought, 'There are even people like him.'... At first, we didn't tell out parents and dated in secret... My father also said, 'He is a strong person. I hope you care for each other, and later we dated in public."

Amy also commented on her friend's report to the police following her possibly suicidal SNS, "My friends were also worried that I was at risk so they called the police. That is why I'm here... I am living with my mother right now."

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