Anda is Rumored To Be Pursued and Proposed to by Egyptian Billionaire

David Song, Jan. 12, 2016, 9:38 a.m.

Singer Anda who recently made her comeback with the release of her track “Taxi”, apparently has been proposed to by one of the members of the Mansour family! A post with the title "A celebrity proposed to by a member of the Mansour family" has sparked rumors stating that Al Nahyan from the billionaire fortune family has been pursuing Anda.


Al Nahyun was stated to have become instantly enamored with Anda after having met her three months ago in Hong Kong, and rumors state that he is constantly sending her luxurious and lavish gifts. Anda currently is signed with Emperor Entertainment in Hong Kong.


Netizens seem to be divided on the subject, with some stating that it is easily possible, while others state that it’s completely ridiculous. Anda’s representatives have also stepped forward to state that it’s the very first time that they’ve heard anything of the sort, and that even though she is in Hong Kong, the story about her being proposed to is false.


Won Minji, better known by her stage name Anda, is a South Korean pop singer who debuted with the stage name Andamiro in 2012 under Trophy Entertainment with a dance song called "Don't Ask".


The name Andamiro actually means "So much that the cup runneth over". It conveys the singer's desire to not only receive lots of love from the public but also to return overflowing love.


From 2015, she returns with a new stage name Anda and is signed under the record label, Emperor Entertainment Korea which has its headquarters in Hong Kong, Emperor Entertainment Group, as a well-established entertainment company.

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