Anda Kicks Back and Relaxes in MV for “Taxi”

Guster Moon, Jan. 7, 2016, 7:45 a.m.

Anda has just made her return with her newest track, “Taxi”! Anda wrote the lyrics and did the arrangement for the track, while JY and Da beat freakz composed the track about letting go. The singer is best known for her more sexualized concepts, and the music video shows Anda hanging out in a taxi as she relaxes while chilling out.


Won Minji, better known by her stage name Anda, is a South Korean pop singer who debuted with the stage name Andamiro in 2012 under Trophy Entertainment with a dance song called "Don't Ask". The name Andamiro actually means "So much that the cup runneth over". It conveys the singer's desire to not only receive lots of love from the public but also to return overflowing love. From 2015, she returns with a new stage name Anda and is signed under the record label, Emperor Entertainment Korea which has its headquarters in Hong Kong, Emperor Entertainment Group, as a well-established entertainment company.

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