Andup Is All Vintage Vibes for “It’s Me” feat. Incredivle

Paul Lee, Oct. 20, 2015, 1:13 p.m.

Show Me the Money 4 released a treat for their viewers and fans! Andup, a previous contestant who had left a lasting impression, just released his newest track and music video with the title “It’s Me” feat. Incredivle! This is every 90’s kid’s vintage dream. The music video features vintage filters and the rapper wears clothes reminiscent of the 90’s era, staying true to its retro vibes and sound.

The track itself is fantastic. The beat is mellow, with Andup’s voice was the opposite. His husky voice paired with the track perfectly, which made us put the song on continual repeat. As a side note, Incredivle is said to be featured in the track, and it looks like he was missing in the music video version.
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