Anti-Fans Attack EXO's Chanyeol for Innocent Instagram Post

thekatsmeow, June 8, 2015, 12:53 p.m.

Looks like netizens are at it again! On June 6th, EXO's resident happy virus Chanyeol uploaded an innocent Instagram post, featuring a screenshot of EXO's newest songs from their repackaged album 'Love Me Right' climbing the charts, attempting to show his gratitude towards his fans' hard work and dedication.

차트 거~~~~~의 낮져밤이급😆

A photo posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on

Unfortunately, this struck a wrong chord with many VIPs and anti-fans who misinterpreted his good intentions, accusing the artist of mocking BIGBANG's loss of first place on the chart. Many anti-fans were upset that the singer/rapper was being allegedly "disprespectful" for posting a chart that showed his group ranking higher than his seniors. In the screenshot he provided, BIGBANG's most recent comeback song 'BANG BANG BANG' sat in the number four spot, with EXO's 'Love Me Right', 'Tender Love', and 'Promise (EXO 2014)' dominating the top three places.

Some VIPs and anti-fans have been posting discouraging comments, while EXO-Ls as well as other fans, who have kindly joined together to help support the EXO fandom, posted positive messages to counter the negativity (as seen below). However, this negativity by no means, indicates that this behavior reflects the attitudes of BIGBANG or EXO towards each other.

Many EXO-Ls showed concern for Chanyeol, who even said himself that he's the type to smile even through hardship, sometimes to the point of being foolish. Despite the ongoing fan-war between a number of EXO-Ls and VIPs, Chanyeol remained his optimistic self and even responded to his disheartened fans with an encouraging message:

"I didn't upload this to make you guys feel sorry... I posted it because although it's been a few days since the album came out, seeing [the songs] lining the charts at midnight made my heart warm!! This is a great feat, so don't feel sad, let's enjoy it!! :)"

Just as Chanyeol said, we hope everyone can just enjoy the music and continue to support each group! Go EXO and BIGBANG!

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