AOA Releases Teaser Photos for Endorsement Deals “Legion of Heroes” and “Chicken Mania”

Paul Lee, Nov. 10, 2015, 10:27 a.m.

It seems that AOA has managed to scoop up yet another endorsement deal! Right after their chicken endorsement promotion, the girls were signed to become the models of a video game. The girls are the newest to be featured for the “full 3D MMORPG” style of game play. Not only will the girls be making appearance in the game, but the commercial films as well. You can even choose the girls as they are playable characters in the game, and if that wont make gamers want to play this game immediately, we aren’t really sure what will.


Another big step for the K-pop girl group was their feature in the commercial film for the Korean chicken franchise, “Chicken Mania”! A representative from FNC Entertainment stated, "AOA proved to be a blue chip in the advertising world with their endorsement deal with 'Chicken Mania.'" In a recent photoshoot with the chicken franchise, AOA used many different props to show off their love for “Chicken Mania”.


Even though the shoot itself took a long time and ended late at night, the girls retained a professional and positive attitude, which the staff loved.
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