AOA to Debut Unit Groups!

bigpoppa, Aug. 10, 2015, 11:10 a.m.

Good news for AOA fans! On August 9th, the girl group's label FNC Entertainment's CEO Han Sung Ho congratulated AOA on their third anniverary since debut. AOA further thanked fans with a message and photos, reminiscing on how they felt when they first debuted and promising fans to always work hard.

In addition to his message of congratulations to the girl group, Han Sung Ho shared some great news. "Fans can look forward to different genres and styles of music [from AOA] through various unit groups," and further revealed that the girls would be promoting in Japan and China sometime near the end of this year and early next.

Congratulations to AOA on their third anniversary! Who would you like to see in a unit group?

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