AOA’s First Concert In Japan is a Huge Success

Paul Lee, Dec. 21, 2015, 10:01 a.m.

The girls of AOA had their very first solo concert in Japan, and it was a big success! The girls arrived at Tokyo’s Studio Coast on December 18th for the 'Angel's World 2015 - Oh Boy Academy' event in order to meet with their fans. The girls then started off their concert with “Heart Attack” and “Elvis”, then moved onto their other tracks “Miniskirt”, “Short Hair”, and “Like A Cat”, and even their Japanese tracks “Lemon Slush” and “Oh Boy”.


The girls held their solo and unit stages, beginning with Yuna and ChoA’s solo stage performances to Hyejeong’s DJ performance, Mina’s dance stage, the Chanmi-Seolhyun-Hyejeong dance unit, and then Jimin’s hip-hop stage.


AOA (an acronym for Ace of Angels) is a South Korean idol girl group signed under FNC Entertainment. The eight-member band consists of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong,Seolhyun, and Mina, while the seven-member idol group consists of all the members except Youkyung. The group debuted their single album Angels' Story on July 30, 2012. Their fans celebrate August 9, 2012 as their Debut Day in celebration for their 1st Debut stage while in Japan, October 1, 2014 is their official Japan debut and also declared #AOADay by Japan Anniversary Association.

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