AOA’s Jimin Shocks Viewers and Cast with Her Dog on “Weekly Idol”

Ben Cho, May 18, 2016, 9 a.m.

AOA member Jimin and her group were featured in the recent broadcast of MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, and to everyone’s surprise, she brought along her dog! Jimin’s dog was very cute and cuddly, and wore a striped sweater that made all the viewers and cast members fall in love with it immediately. The dog may not have been as happy as the viewers and cast however, since towards the end of the show the dog abruptly strolled out towards the middle of the set and pooped right then and there!


Jimin was shocked by the dog’s boldness and sudden excavation, but she quickly got up to clean after her pet. MC Hani of EXID commented about the poop by saying, "It was a watery one. I think he drank a lot of water.” What a strange turn of events!

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