Aoora To Leave AA

Hyo Kyung Kim, May 24, 2016, 8:52 a.m.

Aoora has left the k pop group known as AA in hopes of advancing his solo career. The rapper and singer, known for his 19+ solo tracks, is reported to have ended his contract with Wellmade Yedang this past March. Reports stated, "Aoora's contract ended in March, and he's left AA. He's currently working on a solo album," adding that we can expect the album this summer.

AA is a South Korean boy band formed by Wellmade Yedang formerly known as Well Made STAR M in 2011. The group consists of two member: Woosang and Hoik. Since 2015, Blue Star was acquired by Wellmade Yedang, the group while managed by Blue Star.

Aoora was the first to join the group. Looking for a company he could work with and make music he decided on Well Made STAR M. Aoora then brought Woosang to the group, asking him to do the choreography for his music. The company then later added Juwon and Hoik, who had aspirations to be singers and moved from Busan to Seoul to do so, and Kimchi, who had quit learning the piano and clarinet to his dream of becoming a singer.

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