Apink’s Bomi Throws a Mean Curve Ball at LG KIA Baseball Game

kpopluv, Aug. 18, 2015, 11:43 a.m.

Apink member Bomi was givent the honor of throwing the first ceremonial pitch between the LG Twins and the KIA Tigers.  Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, Bomi showed off just how much she practiced by stepping on to the pitcher's mound and throwing a nearly perfect curve ball that landed straight into the catcher's mitt. Hayoung, who was the batter, didn't even get a chance to completely swing her bat around because the ball flew so fast. Throwing such a curve ball with that much strength is very impressive!


One of the commentators reportedly complimented the idol, "I've never seen a female celebrity throw the ball from the actual pitcher's mound (they're usually closer to the plate). It was a really great pitch. I think even the Kia players were shocked. Among the female celebrities that I've seen throw out the ceremonial pitch, I want to give her the number one spot." 


Yoon Bo-mi was born in Suwon, South Korea on August 13, 1993. She has one older sister, Yoon Sun-mi, and a younger brother, Yoon Jong-jin. She attended Youngshin Girls High School and later Korea Arts High School, from which she graduated in February 2012. She put off college to concentrate on music.

In 2012, Yoon had a cameo role in Reply 1997, where she portrayed the teenage version of Moon Jeong-mi, Yoon Yoon-jae's mother. She has been an MC on the variety show Weekly Idol from 17 July 2013 to 8 July 2015. In late 2013, she appeared in K-Hunter's "Marry Me" music video and featured in hip-hop group M.I.B's song "Let's Talk About You". She was in the cast of the variety show The Human Condition in 2014 and appeared in MBC's Real Men female special in early 2015. In 2015, she was featured in David Oh's debut song "I Know, I Know", released on May 11, and, on June 16, released a duet with Im Seulong titled "Lovely" for variety showSome Guys, Some Girls


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