Apink’s Hayoung shows off her gaming skills

Angela Jung, May 15, 2017, 10 a.m.

A short teaser of Apink’s V plus channel was shared on V app, Saturday. V plus channels are available only to viewers who have paid a fee for the special content. In the specially revealed plus clip, Apink’s Hayoung sat at a computer to live-stream herself playing games. 

Hayoung went for nostalgic games, such as cooking and selling ramen, and drawing images for fans to guess what she drew. Hayoung communicated live with her fans who were watching the V show. 

Because Hayoung was airing the show from her agency’s headquarters, there were other people in the room with her. Bomi peeked in to say hello in the middle. 

Hayoung was excited when she suddenly came across a “dress the Apink members” game, which showed a drawn image of a female and a virtual closet full of images of clothes Apink actually wore for public appearances. 

Hayoung dressed the computer-screen doll, mixing the clothes and hairstyles of her groupmates.

“Bomi says her hair is so damaged that she wants to shave her head if the CEO permits,” said Hayoung as she was busy touching up the make-up on the doll, “So, for our next album, you know what hair Bomi will have ...”

Hayoung played the game for a bit more and left the show to go have a meal. 

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