Apple Demanding Enormous Compensation from Samsung for Patent Infringement

D-Bo, April 10, 2014, 11:13 a.m.

The drama between the two tech giants continues on as they still have not reached an agreement with their patent dispute.  Apple has been accused of demanding exorbitant compensation for patent infringement from rival Samsung.  They are demanding 20 times more money in damages per smart device than it sought from Motorola. 

Attorneys representing the Korean electronics giant in a federal court in San Jose, California said Tuesday that Apple is seeking US$12.49 per smart device from Samsung as compensation for infringing on the U.S. company's "data tapping" patent.

They said Apple sought just 60 cents from Motorola in a patent infringement suit back in 2012 involving the same technology.  Data tapping allows the user to trigger an action by tapping a specific piece of data.

Apple also claims that Samsung infringed on other patents including the "slide-to-unlock" function that takes the phone from the lock screen to home screen; universal search, which gathers results from the phone and the Internet; and automatic word correction.  Apple is seeking $2 billion in compensation from Samsung. 


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