Apple Smartphones Emit More Electromagnetic Waves Than Samsung

luvsmiling, April 13, 2015, 9:39 a.m.

Apple’s iPhones emit more electromagnetic waves than Samsung Electronics handsets, a research report showed Sunday, with the low-end Galaxy Mega smartphone being the No. 1 radiowave-safe product.  According to the research conducted by market tracker Cnet in France, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), a measure of emission of electromagnetic fields, came to 0.142 watts per kilogram (W/kg) for the Galaxy Mega, hovering far below the 0.972 W/kg by Apple’s latest iPhone 6.

The global industry requires smartphones to maintain rates below 2W/kg, while South Korea adopts a stricter 1.6 W/kg ceiling.  The Cnet report said other low-SAR smartphones included Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge and LG Electronics Inc.’s G3 smartphone, which had 0.241 W/kg and 0.291 W/kg. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, just released last week, showed 0.334 W/kg. The BlackBerry Passport and HTC Desire 620 also had low SAR rates of 0.33 W/kg and 0.362 W/kg, respectively.

In contrast, the HTC One Mini 2 had the highest figure of 1.46 W/kg among the devices studied, followed by the Nokia Asha 503 with 1.43 W/kg. Apple’s iPhone 5S also posted a 0.979 W/kg SAR, the report showed.  “From this value, expressed in W/kg, we can thus learn about the possible ‘harmfulness’ of a handset even if (such concerns) are not clearly established (particularly via the study by the World Health Organization),” Cnet’s French report said.

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