ARMYs apologize for chanting BTS during NCT 127’s performance at ‘KCON Mexico 2017’

Michelle Jung, March 20, 2017, 4:21 p.m.

BTS fans in Mexico apologized for chanting BTS during NCT 127’s performance at ‘KCON Mexico 2017’.

On March 17-18, the first ‘KCON’ in Mexico took place in Mexico City featuring various K-Pop artists.

Following the show, ARMYS –BTS’ fandom- received criticism for chanting their group’s name during NCT 127’s performance. Fans of NCT 127 criticized the Mexican ARMYs for rudely interrupting NCT 127’s stage. ARMYs in Korea also called out the fans in Mexico for being rude.

In response to the criticism, BTS fans in Mexico issued an apology and clarified on the issue. The ARMYs claimed that the interruption occurred due to a misunderstanding. It’s also stated that they didn’t know NCT 127 was preparing for their last performance and thought, “their performance was over and that it was the turn of all artists to come on stage and say goodbye.”

The ARMYs sincerely apologized and pointed out that they also greatly enjoyed NCT 127’s performance. Many NCT 127’s fans accepted the apology.

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