Artists like BTS, Gong Yoo, producer Na Young Suk, and more win daesang at '2017 Brand of the Year Award'!

Anna Moon, Aug. 4, 2017, 3:31 p.m.

KC Forum revealed the winners of '2017 Brand of the Year Award'! The results seem to be on point as some very successful celebrities are included.

The annual award event selects the best figures of the year. For 2017, a total of 380,000 consumers voted for what they think are the best brands starting July 12 to July 25.

Check out some of the winners below!

Producer of the Year Na Young Suk

Artist of the Year - BTS

Actor of the Year - Gong Yoo

Actress of the Year - Lee Yuri

Athlete of the Year - Kim Yeon Kyung

Variety Show Celeb of the Year - Lee Sang Min

Beauty Creator of the Year - Pony

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