Asiana Airlines Crash Was Pilot Error

kpride, June 25, 2014, 9:54 a.m.

The U.S National Transportation Safety Board has released their findings in an official report of the Asiana Airlines that crashed at San Francisco International Airport in July last year.  After an almost yearlong investigation, the report has determined that the cause of the crash was due to pilot error. 

As direct causes of the accident, the report points to the pilots unwittingly releasing the auto throttle, failing to monitor either the speed or the flight mode, and mismanaging the descent during the visual approach. It also says it was too late for them to try a "go-around." 

As contributing factors it cites the complexities of the auto throttle and auto flight system, "nonstandard" communication about their use between the pilots, and inadequate training on the planning and executing of visual approaches. 

Boeing reportedly disagrees with the report and said there is no evidence that the 777’s auto flight system contributed to the crash.  Asiana faces a flood of lawsuits from passengers and victims' families, while Boeing could be obliged to shoulder some of the compensations.

The jet, which took off from Incheon International Airport, struck a seawall near the runway while landing at San Francisco Airport. Three of the 291 passengers were killed and about 180 others injured.

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