ASTRO posed for ‘High Cut’!

Yumi Kim, Nov. 15, 2017, 10:26 a.m.

ASTRO recently posed for the December issue of ‘High Cut’. The boys sported casual attire and looked real friendly. They wore in the mixes of knits, denims, and just comfortable clothes. They held an interview with the magazine right after. The boys got real personal and talked about several things such as MJ cross-dressing for their “Crazy Sexy Cool” MV. MJ stated,  "Originally, Sanha was supposed to be the one crossdressing. But the director asked me to try it, and everyone thought it was great. I didn't know I would come out like that on the ending."

Jinjin then spoke about their new album and shared some personal moments. He said,  "Fans told us, 'Jinjin's rap part is the killing part', and the label told us that my rap kept getting stuck in their head. Our overall balance and talent increased, so I'm really proud.


Check out some of their cuts above! 

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