ASTRO Signs On as Newest ‘Chicken Mania’ Models

Troy Yang, Nov. 8, 2016, 8:51 a.m.

As many K-pop fans are aware, fried chicken endorsements are considered to be the top of the line endorsements, and ASTRO has just landed one with ‘Chicken Mania’! ‘Chicken Mania’ is known for working with famous idols like Shinhwa and AOA, just to name some of the stars who have modeled for them.


ASTRO was selected as the newest faces of ‘Chicken Mania’ because of their youthful and refreshing image, which the brand felt matched with their healthy chicken brand image well. The company has high hopes that ASTRO will be the best partner who can grow with ‘Chicken Mania’. The boys already have wrapped up a photoshoot for the brand’s newest calendar for next year.

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