Australian Born Korean and X Factor Winner to Tour Asia

kpopluv, Nov. 3, 2014, 10:11 a.m.

Korean-Australian Im Da-mi, who became the first Asian winner of "The X Factor Australia" last year, has risen to stardom and is now touring Asia with her new album.  The piano teacher-turned-pop singer is promoting her second album "Heart Beats."  According to a recent interview by the Chosun Ilbo, she had this to say about her new album and changes in her life last week over the phone. 

"The album shows my true colors," she said. "I even wrote some songs myself on the album. So, I am all the more anxious to see how people will like it, since my first album mostly contained cover songs that I performed on the TV show." 

"When I first decided to enter the show, I never imagined my life would change like this," Im said. "My husband's life seems to have changed more, though."

Her husband, who is also a Korean immigrant, is now her manager.

"I got busy after winning [the show], and I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to spend much time with my husband," said Im. "I'm thankful and sorry that he quit his job and became my manager." 

Im is also becoming quite popular in Korea. She was appointed a promotional ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization in August, and will appear in several TV programs promoting the country. Im speaks fluent Korean as she immigrated to Australia when she was nine. 

"I've visited Korea several times since I immigrated to Australia, but there are still many places that I've never been," she said. "I want to visit as many cities as I can when I'm on tour." 

Im, who will tour Australia early next year, said that she wants to stage a concert in Korea soon. 

"I'm very interested in traditional Korean music such as pansori," or traditional Korean narrative song, Im added. "I sing English songs because I work in Australia now, but when I hold a concert in Korea, I want to perform in Korean." 

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