B1A4 get scared during "Lotte World's Zombie Factory"

Jessica Lee, Sept. 22, 2017, 9:45 a.m.

B1A4 team up with "Dingo Studio" to film themselves enjoying "Lotte World's Zombie Factory" during the theme park's horror season. In the clip, they first take part in the "Zombie Factory" before riding the "Zombie Nightmare Coaster."

They played around on the other rides in the park before going on the special themed ones. In "Zombie Factory," Leader Jinyoung pairs up with maknae Gongchan and the pair can't stop screaming and holding hands as they run through the course. Sandeul and CNU are the same, yelling at the other to hurry so they can finish the course quicker. 

On the "Zombie Nightmare Coaster," the members had to answer questions about their comeback during the ride. 

Check out the clip below! Their entire adventure will be uploaded next week!

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