B1A4 Representatives Respond to Controversial Physical Contact in Malaysia Concert

Sensitive Artist, Jan. 13, 2015, 1:39 p.m.

B1A4 representatives made an announcement regarding the group's controversial physical contact with their fans during their fanmeeting in Malaysia on January 10th, stating that they did receive prior consent and that the accusations of molestation were untrue.

B1A4 held a fanmeeting event with around 1,000 fans in attendance in Malaysia on January 10th, and acted out a movie and drama parody with fangirls by holding their hands, hugging them, and even giving them a hug from behind and a forehead kiss. This brought a lot of attention and criticism from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Federal Territory Ilamic Affairs Department (JAWI), who stated that they would make sure that the event organizer TGM Events would take full responsibility for what occurred as the actions were against Islamic teachings and beliefs. The event organizers have provided an official apology, stating that they would create a program that raises awareness of others' cultures and religions. The three fans involved in the controversy have also been calling in to be a part of the investigation.

The agency WM Entertainment representative discussed the controvery by saying, "It was done after prior approval from the event winners early on... The captured scene shows the members conducting a 'drama scene parody' segment with fans. The atmosphere at the venue was good, and considering the Muslim culture, we are aware that the MC asked for consent [from the winners] once more... It all depends on one's perspective. We will be more considerate of various cultures and customs in the future, and we will work hard to prepare a fanmeeting that all global fans can enjoy. We will be more careful."

Another representative went on to add, "The rumors of molestation are only false rumors... The event was a parody of movies and dramas, and prior to the fanmeeting, we announced the event and received approval [from the winners] beforehand."

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