B2ST Discusses Whether or Not They Talk to Ex-Member Hyunseung

Ben Cho, July 5, 2016, 9:41 a.m.

B2ST has just finally decided to address the topic that K-pop fans have been dying to know; whether or not the members of B2ST still keep in contact with Hyunseung who had recently just left the group officially. The B2ST members were interviewed for their recent album ‘Highlight’, and the members discussed the sensitive topic of ex-group member Hyunseung.


Doojoon stated, "The judgments of people are very cold. Their evaluations of us are going lower and lower. We've been active for a long time, so we're not trending like before. Because people already know of us and are used to us, we'll stay in the same position unless we do something new."


Doojoon then said, "That's why I hope people listen to B2ST's music, so they'll be reminded that our songs are still worth listening to and that even if we're older we're still working hard."


Doojoon was asked by interviewers how he was aware of the lower amounts of exposure to which he replied, "I found out after checking comments and community sites. I can feel it from other things as well because it's a very sensitive occupation."


In regards to whether or not the group still talks to Hyunseung he said, "We don't feel any resentment, but we don't keep in touch with him. I hope fans only get happy experiences in the future."

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