B2ST Officially Departs from Cube Entertainment And Start Their Own Label

David Song, Oct. 17, 2016, 10:05 a.m.

It was just announced that B2ST will be officially leaving Cube Entertainment to start their own label! The boys’ seven year contract with Cube Entertainment ended on October 15th, and the five current members of B2ST won’t be renewing their contract and will instead be starting up their very own label together.


Doojoon had released the hint that they were planning on leaving Cube Entertainment, and it seems that they have followed through on their word. The new direction the group is taking is a very huge step for both B2ST and their fans, as they will now be handling all of their own promotions and more. Inside sources have stated that B2ST feels very grateful to their agency Cube Entertainment for helping them debut and train, but it looks like the members have a much larger vision in mind.


We hope that the group experiences a very successful launch for their new label!

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