B2ST’s Yoseob Gives His Fans Hope by Denying Disbanding Rumors

Ben Cho, Sept. 28, 2016, 9:25 a.m.

Many B2ST Fans have been getting more anxious as October inches closer, since B2ST’s contract with Cube Entertainment will be ending next month. B2ST’s Yoseob seems to have been keenly aware of this anxiety it seems, as he replied personally to a fan’s nervous request for information on his SNS. The fan asked Yoseob, ‘Oppa, please upload a bunch of pictures of all of B2ST together on Instagram TT If your contract ends they'll become rare, hard to find photos, so please take a lot while you still can?’


Yoseob’s response shocked fans however. He stated, ‘Why would those photos become rare and hard to find? I don't follow? Kekeke. You'll be seeing pictures of B2ST together a ton from now on. Don't worry. We're not splitting.’


The group made their return with ‘Highlight’, and the members gave their reassurances to fans that they planned on staying as a group for a long time to come. It seems that some B2ST fans are worried about the group’s contract renewal with Cube Entertainment, as they suspect that the label might hold revenues made through the group to themselves.

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