Baby Kara Show Their Talents and Take On their Last Mission for Episode 5 of KARA Project

Sensitive Artist, June 25, 2014, 10:42 a.m.

This time around, every individual member of Baby Kara had to sit in the hot seat by themselves to perform a solo stage. All of the girls gave their own special performance, showing off dance moves, singing abilities, and personal charm in the showcase for the fifth episode of "Kara Project"!

So Jin offered an impressive cover for "Ain't No Man", putting everything she had into her singing and sexy dance moves. Young Ji on the other hand, performed "Naughty Girl" for her solo stage, turning up the heat. Chae Won won the crowd over with her rendition of "Love", which focused on touching the emotions of the crowd and connecting with them while also showing off her amazing singing talent while sacrificing the dance portion. All of the Baby Kara members interacted with their fans, and as the very last mission they performed KARA's hit song "Mister" together as a group.

The newest member will be decided upon by a panel of 30% experts vote, 20% pre-broadcast popularity vote, 20% live broadcast popularity vote, and 30% global popularity vote. Who do you think will end up being the newest member of KARA?

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