Bae Doo Na Featured In ‘High Cut’ Magazine

casperschingoo, Sept. 5, 2014, 8:51 p.m.

Actress Bae Doo Na has been featured in VOL. 133 of ‘High Cut’ Magazine. During her interview with the magazine she spoke on her upcoming roles on American TV. The science fiction show titled Sense8 will be featured on Netflix sometime in 2015 and the directors of The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas, the Wachowskis, will direct the TV series.

The actress stated, "We are currently filming in Iceland and will be going to Nairobi, Kenya in early September.  We will be filming there for over ten days and then we will be entering Seoul sometime in mid-September.  In Seoul, I know that we will be filming there until about the end of September.  After filming in Seoul, our plans include filming in Berlin, Mumbai, Mexico, and more. It is not a story of a superhero fighting a villain at all.  Only, the eight of them have a special talent that lets them visit one another's soul and share things.  Each person has a business-related characteristic that helps the others out. Up until now, there was never a time I played a business woman.  I am like a CFO that handles the financial accounts of my father's company.  I am also a fighter who practiced martial arts since I was young.” 

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