Baek Ji Young Starts to Cry While Filming "Picnic Live"

Sensitive Artist, June 18, 2014, 10:37 a.m.

Baek Ji Young threw a concert to connect with those in the audience who had experience pain from break-ups or losing loved ones on the upcoming broadcast of MBC Music's "Picnic Live". While listening to some of the audience members' stories of sadness and heartache, she began to burst into tears and shared her own moments of heartache and happiness with the audience.

While filming, Baek Ji Young was overwhelmed with emotion as she read the story of a daughter whose mother passed away and said, "I've never thought a lot about [the situation of] not having a mother and father [around], so whenever I heard these kinds of stories, I feel like I've been suddenly hit [with emotion]. I don't think I was able to be of much consolation."

A story that really affected Baek Ji Young was that of a young man who shared his own story of sadness.  He said that his fiancée suffered brain damage and eventually was brain dead due to an accident that happened only two weeks before the two were to have their wedding.  Baek Ji Young could not contain herself and began to cry to the point that they cut filming.

She stated, As I participated in this filming, I was able to think twice about how much of a happy person I am. I was happy to sing on stage again, and I was really joyful and happy as I prepared for the recording of 'Picnic'."

Be sure to stay tuned for the broadcast on June 19th at 6p KST!

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