Baek Jin Hee Poses for the Celebrity Magazine

D-Bo , Feb. 26, 2015, 11:02 a.m.

Korean actress Baek Jin Hee is the latest muse to be featured in the fashion publication, The Celebrity Magazine.  The starlet recently wrapped production 'Pride and Prejudice' recently in which she played a determined prosecutor.  The photo shoot took place in Bali Indonesia. 

Baek Jin Hee  is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles as a rebellious girl who befriends a Bangladeshi migrant worker in indie film Bandhobi (2009), a teenager with a thriving business selling her used underwear in sex comedy Foxy Festival (2010), a fresh graduate looking for employment in the sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011-2012), the villainous empress Danashri in period drama Empress Ki (2013-2014), an orphaned casino dealer in Triangle (2014), and a passionate prosecutor in Pride and Prejudice (2014).

She said during the interview, "In the past, I would read and be alone a lot at home, but these days, I meet up with people and enjoy time laughing and talking.  I really had a great time in Bali.  The staff threw me a surprise birthday party on my 26th birthday.  I created unforgettable memories."


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