Bang Shi Hyuk talks about BTS' future

Jessica Lee, Dec. 11, 2017, 10:26 a.m.

Before BTS' final "Wings" concert at Gocheok Sky Dome, the group and Bang PD participated in a press conference to talk about the groups' future plans. One of the questions that Bang PD had to answer was if there would be any plans for BTS to release English songs and target the American market. 

Bang PD replied, "That's a different path than the one we want. Teaching K-Pop singers to sing in English and sign with an American agency is not considered K-Pop. That's just an Asian singer in an American market and that's not a model that should be replicated in the industry. When BTS tells their story in Korean, ARMYs translate the songs into their languages. The languages are different but the message, the essence of the song, is still the same. We will continue to make music in Korean." 

Bang PD also addressed the nickname people have been giving him, "Father of BTS." "I don't decide on a concept and make the members do that concept. It's not fair for them. The reason why they've succeeded is because they've listened to each other carefully and have taken note of the growth, happiness, and concerns of each member. I ask people to not call me the "Father of BTS". Artists are not products of other people. When people tell me that I'm their 'father', it just makes it seem like BTS is an object that I created which doesn't align with my philosophy." 

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