B.A.P Announces Japan Fan Meets for the Winter Holiday Season

Robert Young, Dec. 23, 2015, 10:10 a.m.

This winter season is chock full of K-pop goodness it seems, with even B.A.P joining the mix to throw a fan meet even for two Japanese cities! The fan meet “B.A.P Y.W.F Fan Event ~ Merry Christmas~” will be underway on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The group will be in Tokyo on December 24th and Nagoya on December 25th.


B.A.P will be having a mini-live session and talk, video games, and other programs for the two events. The popular group will be performing their hit tracks and will be the perfect present for fans this Christmas. For the fans that aren’t going to be in Japan, it might be upsetting news to hear, but B.A.P has pulled in some big numbers in Japan with their music so far.


B.A.P (Korean: 비에이피; an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip-hop South Korean group formed in 2011 under the management of TS Entertainment. On January 26, 2012, B.A.P made their recording debut with the single "Warrior", followed by the release of their debut EP, Warrior in February 2012.

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