B.A.P fan group #FBB successfully wraps up philanthropic projects for the 'LOE 2016 World Tour'!

Kyongeun Park, May 3, 2016, 4:07 p.m.

As B.A.P's 'LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR' wrapped up their North American leg, so did fan group #ForeverBAPsBABYz' (otherwise known as #FBB) food drive and fundraiser projects! In celebration of the boys' tour, #FBB took the initiative to set out on a mission to make a difference by heading food drives at the Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago stops, following in the philanthropic steps of the always-giving B.A.P!

As previously reported, #FBB collected non-perishable food donations at the LA, NY, and CHI stops of B.A.P's tour, and it was confirmed by representative Ephney Tsai that the events were a success! In particular, the LA food drive was able to donate four full boxes of food items (a whopping 306 lbs worth), which was given to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. This particular donation is said to be able to feed up to 255 families!

In addition to the food drive project, #FBB also held a fundraiser for banners, which was also confirmed to have reached its goal for a succcessful outcome. Fans held up the LA banners during B.A.P's performance of 'Be Happy', making the boys smile, while fans in Dallas held up their banners during 'With You'! Maknae Zelo even grabbed banners from fans at the Dallas and New York concerts, taking it backstage with him, while Youngjae grabbed one in New York as well!

#ForeverBAPsBABYz truly made a difference in the lives of others with their thoughtful project and surely have made the B.A.P boys proud with their genuine hearts for giving. Great job, #FBB, and we can't wait to see what future projects this group has in store!

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