B.A.P's Himchan & Daehyun Hilariously Reveal Each Other's Secrets!

Songee Kim, March 1, 2016, 11:58 a.m.

On the March 1st edition of 'Music Bank Stardust', the boys of B.A.P engaged in a fun discussion about their comeback track 'Feel So Good'! Special MC Youngjae, who was randomly selected after drawing a dried squid sword instead of a plastic one, led the talk for this episode.

During B.A.P's segment, member Daehyun revealed that one characteristic he looks for in the opposite sex is fair skin, since he's darker skinned. It was in this moment when Himchan hilariously butted in, revealing one of Daehyun's secrets!

Himchan shared, "He keeps trying to do his makeup whiter even though he's tanned," to which Daehyun exclaimed, "That's supposed to be a secret! No one knows that!"

Yongguk and the rest of the B.A.P members crack up, but Daehyun hilariously retaliates back, revealing one of Himchan's secrets as well! He divulges, "Himchan wears a stomach strap!" This cues the rest of the boys to crack up and tease Himchan afterwards, with Youngjae even asking, "Is your ideal type someone who wears a stomach strap?"

Make sure to catch the March 1st episode of 'Music Bank Stardust' to catch the B.A.P boys and their shenanigans!

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